Casting technology

Casting your ideas
We would be glad to advise you on choosing the right process, whether it may be sand casting, shell mould casting, centrifugal casting, precision casting, die casting or any other process that is suitable for you.
You may simply need a raw part because you can machine it on your own? Or do you prefer parts ready to be installed including assembly, varnish and coating? What ever it is about, we are at your side.

Our delivery program not only includes aluminium, brass and bronze alloys, but also a vast variety of technologies such as grey iron casting, ductile cast iron, steel casting, stainless steel casting (corrosion-, wear- and heat-resistant), case hardening steels and heat-treatable steel.

Die casting technology

Molten metal is casted under high pressure into the cavaties of steel molds. The preferred materials here are aluminium, zinc and magnesium alloys, but non-ferrous material such as copper, lead and tin can be processed as well.
Especially customers who need high quantities prefer this procedure since it meets the highest requirements with regard to dimensional accuracy and surface conditions. This again makes expensive rework unnecessary.


Materials: Steel, stainless steel, gray casting, aluminium die-casting, pressure die-casting
Weight per piece: 0.015 kg to 100 kg
Quantities: from 1 to 100 000 pieces per lots (depending on pieces)
Processing options: any requirement is possible (external partner)
Heat treatment: any requirement is possible (external partner)