Turning and Milling

Turning and milling, separate or combined, on simple machines or on state-of-the-art machining centers, we have in our portfolio.

Simple and cost-effective, as well as very complex articles (CNC-turning or CNC-milling), with tight tolerances, high surface quality and fully automatic, are possible.

Concerning material we focus on steel, high-alloyed steel, aluminum, brass, copper and nickel.

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Range of weight, dimension and lot-sizes

Weight range: 0,015 – 500 kg

• Between Ø5 mm and Ø900 mm
• Length up to 2.500 mm
• Machining from bar until Ø85 mm

Lot sizes: starting from 1 piece (e. g. prototypes) until 100.000 pieces

Finishing treatments

If required, we provide a wide range of additional processes or heat treatment. Please send us your demands. Then we will propose and quote the best operation to manufacture your article.

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Materials: Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Nickel
Weight range: 0,015 kg to 500 kg
From Ø5 mm to Ø900 mm, Length up to 2.500 mm,
automatic feeding of bars until Ø85 mm
From 1 piece to 100.000 pieces per lot
Heat treatment:
Surface treatment:
Amongst others priming, burnishing, painting, galvanizing, E-coating